Ditch The Hustle podcast

Welcome to the Ditch The Hustle podcast hosted by Amanda Rootsey, Nicola Newman and Naomi Arnold. 

We are business coaches and co-founders of the Gentle Business Mastermind, a global year-long experience for kind-hearted entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, makers of beautiful things, creatives, coaches, teachers, writers and small business owners.

Through the Gentle Business Mastermind and this podcast, we’ve supported thousands of people to play and explore what gentle business looks like for them. To us, gentle business is a ‘choose your own adventure’ rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach and we can’t wait to go on this adventure with you. 

Please find our Ditch The Hustle podcast episodes for your enjoyment below.

S2 Ep #7: Finale:An Invitation

Welcome to the final episode of Ditch The Hustle. In this episode Mandy, Nai and Nic share a little bit about the Gentle Business Mastermind and what you can expect if you’re thinking about joining them for 12 months of support in your business. The mastermind is about support for your business, to be accountable and get things done, to have people around you who have similar values and who also want to grow their business in a way that feels good and that challenges that hustle culture as well.

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S2 Ep #6: Working with Your Personality & Strengths (with Terri Connellan)

In this episode, we’re excited to introduce you to Terri Connellan from quietwriting.com Terri is a writer and life coach living in Sydney, Australia. Her business Quiet Writing is all about journeying deep into wholehearted stories, working through self and leadership strategies such as writing, personality type, Tarot and reading as a creative influence.

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S2 Ep #5: Gentle Accountability & Support

Support and accountability can look like a lot of different things for different people, different seasons of life and business, and different personalities and tendencies as well. Mandy, Nai and Nic discuss what support and accountability looks like for each of them and how they like to bring it into both business and home life.

Each share how the support they have needed and sought out in business has shifted over the years based on what’s needed, possible and appropriate. Support can be about education and learning, it could be support in implementing the admin side of your business, bookkeeping, team members that you bring on, or investing in courses, coaches and mentors for personal and professional development.

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S2 Ep #4: The Art of Money with Bari Tessler

In this episode, our Gentle Guide Nicola Newman interviews Gentle Business Mastermind expert guest mentor Bari Tessler Linden. Bari is a financial therapist, mentor, coach, mama-preneur and founder of the Art of Money, a year long money school that she lovingly leads each year.

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S2 Ep #3: The Power of Community

In this episode, Mandy, Nic and Nai discuss the power of community – both online and offline – for gentle-hearted folk and business owners.

All three discuss not only the ways finding genuine community has helped shape their success, but also the joy and comfort that can be found in connecting with others in safe, sacred spaces.

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S2 Ep #1: A Gentle New Year

In this episode, Gentle Business Mastermind founders Nicola Newman, Amanda Rootsey and Naomi Arnold discuss the aspiration of a Gentle New Year – including how they spent their holidays, what they enjoyed during that time, what they struggled with, and the resources and rituals that supported them.

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S1 Ep #7: Season 1 Finale: Holiday Wishes.

We’ve now wrapped on Season 1 of the Ditch the Hustle Podcast. We hope you’ve loved it so far. We will release the second season in the New Year and we’re really excited about the episodes we have planned.

In the meantime, we send our love and best wishes as we approach the holiday season. We really hope that you have a nourishing break and that you’re gentle with yourself through a period of the year that we know is especially challenging for some folk.

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S1 Ep #6: The Gentle CEO with Lena West

In this episode, we hear from Naomi’s personal business coach and strategist, Lena West. She has made such an impact on Nai’s life and business that it felt selfish to not share that brilliance with mastermind members. Masterminders loved the first mentor call with Lena so much that we brought her back again in the second year of the mastermind upon popular demand.

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S1 Ep #5: Gentle Success

In this episode, Amanda, Nicola and Naomi explore a topic dear to their hearts as they unpack the concept of gentle success: what it looks like for each of us and how we can invite more of it into our lives.
Each shares what their relationship with success looks and feels like, and how it’s shifted over time. Naomi explains the questions she uses to help her unpack the concept of success for herself, realising that it’s not a binary and that she can approach it from a mindset of curiosity.

Mandy shares why recognising and appreciating what already is here and now is so important, rather than always looking for the next milestone to achieve. Nic tells a story of a road trip with her dog in a van, and the simple exercise that helped her understand where she was going to invest her time and money.

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S1 Ep #3: The Gentle Work Week

Nicola, Naomi and Amanda all share what a gentle work week looks and feels like for them. This is a juicy conversation about rhythms and cycles, tips and tools, and paying attention to what’s working (and what’s not!) over time.

All three share practical examples of how gentle working weeks have shifted over time, plus Naomi shares how motherhood and having a 9 to 5 government job has presented opportunities and challenges for working gently. Mandy, Nai and Nic discuss their relationships with working weekends and some of the specific systems, operations and tools they use to make life and business gentler.

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