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2020 Mentor calls

To listen to the audio files, simply click on the play button below each mentor. To download the audio file so you can listen at a later stage or save to your device, click anywhere on the mentor’s image and the audio file will open in a new tab for you to download.

Katherine Rose

After 14 years copywriting for small and big brands, Katherine guides spiritual, visionary and empathic entrepreneurs and creatives to connect with their brand soul – and write content with courage, clarity, intuition and integrity. She offers 1:1 copy coaching and hosts The Content Cauldron podcast.

In this call, Katherine shared:

+ her background and juggle of copywriting and mindset coaching and how that’s started to come together 

+ looking at copy as an art form rather than a science to be perfected

+ using copy to spark a conversation rather than ‘convert’ 

+ the principles of ethical copywriting

+ what ISN’T ethical copywriting, how we can spot it and how we can move away from some of the traditional tactics that have their roots in capitalism and white supremacy

+ how we can shift from focussing on problems and triggers to showing potential clients what’s possible and share our vision with the world

+ “let your offers stand in their own strength and merit”

+ consider specific abelist language and move away from making assumptions about potential clients

+ Be as real as possible 🙂 

+ How she’s stepping away from social media and focussing on long-form copy in this season of her business

 Resources mentioned: 

+ The Practice: shipping creative works by Seth Godin

+ How to do nothing: resisting the attention economy by Jenny Odell

+ Cam Airen’s gendered language cheatsheet – no longer available as Cam is focussed solely on the Feminist Coach Academy now.


Contact Katherine:

+ The Content Cauldron website

+ Email: katherine@thecontentcauldron.com

Multi-Passionate Business Growth & Podcasts

by Ellen Ronalds Keene

Ellen Ronalds Keene

Ellen is an educator, coach, podcaster, content strategist and digital homebody.

She spent a decade as a high school music teacher before moving into the online business world. After struggling to find a way to fit into standard inflexible workplace schedules, Ellen decided instead to design a flexible life and work around her chronic illnesses.

Following passions for education, all forms of audio, and online communication, Ellen works from home and now splits her time between 3 businesses: the boutique podcast production agency, Perk Digital; the teacher wellbeing support hub, Self-Care for Teachers; and the newly founded Digital Homebody, which supports gentle folks to get started selling their skills online.

When not podcasting, coaching or producing online content, Ellen can be found reading regency romance novels with a hot water bottle on her endo belly and a cat curled up on her legs.

In this call, we discussed:

+ Being multi-passionate, wearing multiple hats and owning more than one business

+ Balancing a ‘day job’ with a side hustle – and how this is same/different in the context of teachers

+ Different marketing approaches for different businesses

+ ‘Networking’ and ‘word of mouth’ referrals as an introvert

+ Increasing your podcast listenership

+ Encouraging podcast listeners to become clients / customers

+ Obtaining opportunities to guest on other people’s podcasts

+ Tips for starting a podcast

+ Managing a business when you experience chronic illness



Contact Ellen:

+ Self Care For Teachers

+ Teacher Wellbing Podcast

+ Perk Digital

+ Digital Homebody


Emilie Gomez

Emilie is a business systems strategist, Tech Goddess, intuitive problem solver, and magical process architect. She works with womxn coaches, healers and heart-centred entrepreneurs who want to grow their business with ease and grace.

After 13 years as a process improvement specialist and IT analyst, alongside 8 years of running her own coaching and healing business, Emilie now uses her skills to support womxn business owners in creating businesses that flow seamlessly and expand sustainably.Through strategic systemisation, documentation and process design, she makes her clients’ day-to-day simpler and more enjoyable so that they can spend time in their zone of genius and free themselves from the worry of dropping the ball.

She takes a holistic approach to business and weaves in her experience as a certified life coach, yoga teacher, reiki practitioner and crystal healer to help you and your business reach the next level with potent systems and processes.


+ Find Angela on Instagram @yourtechgoddess

+ and find her website at https://www.emiliegomez.com.au/ 

Copywriting, content creation + remote working

by Portia Yip

Portia Yip

Portia Yip is a coach, copywriter, and artist. She guides creative entrepreneurs, multi-passionates, and soulful dreamers towards growing their version of a purposeful business (as they turn their passions into profit while taking inspired, imperfect action). Before going all-in with her business, Portia was head of communications at a non-profit for five years.

In late 2019, Portia took her business around the world, as she and her partner left Canada to travel for a year. Currently, Portia supports creatives via 1-on-1 business coaching with a focus on mindset, storytelling, simple biz systems, and empowerment marketing. She also plans to launch an immersive group coaching program.


+ Find Portia on Instagram @portia_yip

+ and find her website at https://www.portiayip.com/ 

Angela Terris

Angela is a UK based fine artist, author and coach best known for her uplifting vibrant artwork, writing about creativity and wellbeing, and coaching people to stress-less and build inner confidence. She has illustrated over 20 children’s books for Parragon Publishing and Scholastics, created illustrations for Next clothing and stationery companies and designed ceramic homewares for Liberty London, House of Fraser and independent galleries around the UK.

She is the co-author of three books on creativity and coaching and recently self-published her first illustrated book called ‘Mindfulness for Peace of Mind – a practical guide to finding your inner calm’. Angela now includes creative coaching among her services and draws on her background in psychology, mindset coaching, running her own creative business and working in non-profit art organisations to support creatives to be bolder and braver in their creative choices and career.

In this call, Angela shared: 

+ Her work as a therapist and artist

+ How she expresses different parts of herself through different projects

+ How she follows through on projects to completion when she’s multi-passionate and has so many ideas 

+ How she juggles/balances having a chronic illness, current personal caring responsibilities, her business and her joy

+ How she chooses what to focus her time and energy on – asking questions like ‘What nourishes me?’ and being open to “tasting different things” and “holding things lightly” rather than having strict expectations and beating herself up when she doesn’t have capacity

+ Using a battery visual to get a sense of what she can do today

+ Taking gratitude further and asking “why am I grateful for this?” 

+ How she taps into her body and the journey she’s had with this as someone who lives with pain and spent so much of her life trying to ignore the body

+ mindfulness and positive psychology tools to assess where you’re going in business


+ Find Angela on Instagram @angelaterris

+ and find her website at angelaterris.com

Storytelling, Representation & Inclusion

by Annie Gichuru

Annie Gichuru

Annie Gichuru is the founder of Uplifting Studios, a platform dedicated to supporting migrant women of colour. As a life coach and the producer and host of Uplifting Studios TV, Annie teaches how to unshackle self-limiting beliefs. Born in Kenya, Australia is her home where she lives with her husband and two young children. Motivated by those facing the same challenges she faced, Annie believes your future can be one of purpose and impact. Now in Season 2, Uplifting Studios TV, is founded on positive storytelling, showcasing inspiring stories through guest interviews and documentaries.

In this call, Annie shared:

Why she is so passionate about working with migrant women of colour

+ The unique self-limiting beliefs that migran women of colour experience – and how Annie helps her clients become unshackled from these

+ Why storytelling, particularly uplifting stories, are so important

+ Why representation is important and how you can play a part here

+ Why Black Lives Matter

+ How you can work toward having a more inclusive and equitable business

+ Tips on using video in your business

+ Working through comparisonitis

+ Annie’s vision for the future

+ Making your work more accessable and how Annie started her scholarship fund


+ Annie’s panel discussion on racism

+ Annie’s scholarship fund

+ Annie’s Youtube channel – where you can watch the old True Life Stories documentary series and her latest Uplifting Stories series

+ Annie’s website – where you can subscribe to get her free audio on unshackling your self-limiting beliefs and await news for her new offering centred on Diversity. Equiqty and Inclusion in small business spaces

+ Follow Annie on Instagram

Jessica Tutton

Jessica Tutton is a Facebook Ads Specialist, Sales Funnel Strategist and (self-proclaimed) Automation Queen. She partners with entrepreneurs 1:1 through workshops and online courses to help them achieve digital success by learning, implementing and executing marketing strategies and programs. Jessica has also created the online training and mentoring program ‘Master Your Facebook Funnel’, where she shares and teaches all her skills, experience and advice with students to empower more entrepreneurs to think outside the box, work smarter, not harder, and enable them to grow and scale their businesses to achieve strategic goals and lifestyle dreams.

In this call, Jessica shared:

1min – intro, bio and the joy of automation so you only need to work hard once!

3mins – when is it worthwhile to start running facebook ads?
The importance of alignment between free offering and your paid offering
Should have sold a course organically FIRST before investing in facebook ads
This is a long-term game not a strategy for quick wins

6mins – common mistakes with facebook ads – lack of strategy and how they fit in with the rest of the launch process
What a funnel should do

8mins – what’s a good lead magnet?

10mins – what your email sequence should do and how long it should run for once someone opts in from a facebook ad
You should have 1 lead magnet per service that you offer and a funnel for each one.

13mins – quick tips to get started, even before you’re ready to run facebook ads
Get the facebook pixel installed on your website ASAP

18mins – budgets for different types of ads and what is a reasonable expectation

20mins – upsells that can cover the cost of your facebook ads and assist you to continue scaling up your facebook ad spend

23mins – when is a good time to run ads and are there particular times of year that don’t get much traction, such as Black Friday sales?

24mins – Cost per Leads – what to expect and how to track the performance of your ads

30mins – how to test different variables on your ads
Split test placement
Split test audience
Then within the ad set:
Split test creative (images and copy)

33mins – cold, warm and hot audiences – what they are and what kind of ads to run to different audiences (including the types of creative to use)

40mins – return on investment – your ads should be bringing in 4 – 5 times what you spend

46mins – the rollercoaster of launching and the importance of detaching from the outcome

50mins – webinars

2019 Mentor calls

To listen to the audio files, simply click on the play button below each mentor. To download the audio file so you can listen at a later stage or save to your device, click anywhere on the mentor’s image and the audio file will open in a new tab for you to download.

Leesa Renee Hall

Leesa is an author, facilitator, social historian and creative word artist. After writing half a million words over 365 consecutive days, Lees helps highly sensitive introverted leaders (HSIL for short) use the art of self-inquiry to question their unconscious biases so they create truly inclusive communities, companies and corporations. Leesa is on the Advisory Committee for Awarepreneurs, and her tips have been featured in America Express OPEN, Global & Mail and Inc. Magazine, along with television, radio and podcast appearances.

In this call, Leesa shared:

00:13 min – How a narcissistic boyfriend helped her discover expressive writing, to process a sense of fatherlessness and patterns in her life

00:17 min – What steps can we take to uncover and interrupt our unconscious bias?

00:26 min – The role of social media in this awareness

00:29 min – How Patreon works

00:38 min – Shared the site she used to do her daily writing

00:43 min – How this writing practice helps us to relate to our target market as a flawed human being

00:48 min – Boundaries on social media and what she decides to share publicly

01:12 min – Final thoughts on gentle business and remembering to do things our way while allowing others to do the same

Links & Resources

Lena West

Lena shows women entrepreneurs how to discover their inner CEO and leverage that knowledge to build a business that loves them back. She is also the creator of the CEO DNA Method, a personalised inventory that supports women entrepreneurs to determine their most effective business model and marketing strategy based on their work style, unique energetic blueprint, strengths and archetypes.

In this call, Lena shared:

00:08 min – How Lena sees things playing out in the online world that are misleading/unhelpful/dangerous to those starting out, and what she suggests instead.

Introverts, sensitives, empaths in business and stretching ourselves and being more visible.

00:15 min – Set yourself up for success and protect your confidence. Ask people you trust for support for eg. when you’re going to share something on Instagram

00:17 min – How can you step into being a CEO as you are beginning your business?

“Please give yourself the gift of starting small”

00:20 min “the mark of a pro is it doesn’t matter if 3, 30, or 300 people show up – you show up and you give your heart, your best”

00:23 min You have to know yourself to be a CEO – it matters in your pricing, how you market yourself, the offerings you choose to offer. If you are highly sensitive, if you need time to pause and think as a coach, you need clients who can work with that brand of CEO

00:26 min “What action do you take next when you’re considering throwing in the towel? I’m not getting regular clients, not reaching the impact I want, and not making a dime out of my business, YET my client feedback is epic, every coach I’ve had and course I’ve taken has confirmed and celebrated what I’m doing. So I’m confused as to what to do next!”

00:29 min Lena suggests a 90 day sprint – #1 Protect your confidence. #2. Read your media and social proof every.single.day. #3. Drum up the energy – Get out of the bubble and speak to new people – podcasts, stalls, speaking opportunities, writing for Medium, elephant journal, mind body green or a magazine, Instagram take-overs

00:36 min Use OPI – Other people’s influence – every day make an ask for 90 days. It takes 3 months before we see any results from our actions. Don’t quit.

00:40 min Be consistent with what you do in outreach – it leads to people in your existing network also paying more attention to what you’re doing.

00:43 min Archetypes – 63% Creative, 19% Caregiver, 18% Spiritual – wondering why she regularly feels tired and frustrated when she’s with people – Does Lena have any thoughts and advice to fully embrace her type

00:46 min Lena suggests you figure out your Human Design energy is – figure out what your inner authority is, your energy centre – and then listen to a meditation to support that chakra/energy centre every single day. Once you know your inner authority, go to Youtube and type in eg “Sacral Chakra Meditation Short”

Learn how to manage your energy. Figure out what your inner authority is and work to strengthen that.

00:52 min How to juggle energy with two different businesses. Switching between them is tricky, especially if you have a job too. Lena suggests thinking of it as ‘Focus time’ rather than ‘juggle’

00:54 min “Often the price of clarity is insult.” As you shift from juggling to focus, some folks are going to get offended.

00:59 min Give yourself grace. We are told by the patriarchy, if we are not all things to everybody, we are nothing. And it’s rubbish.

01:09 min Struggling with saying ‘No’ and how to set boundaries for clients. The usefulness of an autoresponder.

01:10 min Kolbe test results – If you are not strong on finishing, the value of surrounding yourself with people who are finishers. Build in systems to help you work with your natural tendencies/strengths. Beating yourself up for not being a finisher isn’t going to help. Stop trying to be a finisher and instead set up your environment so you can be a finisher. Find out what their inner authority is. Be careful not to put your needs after everyone else’s

01:18 min Personality tests – how we can get different results at different times when we take them. What is the research behind them and how can we get different results?

Identity challenge, feel like you have to be one way perhaps in family and another way at other times, or at work.

If it’s not external, look within and ask if you feel comfortable being who you truly are.

01:25 min How we can work with and connect with Lena.

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Moving through blocks + feeling aligned in your biz

by Kerry Rowett

Kerry Rowett

Kerry Rowett is a Kinesiologist based in Adelaide, Australia, who is known for helping her worldwide clientele create powerful results and transformations. She’s the author of Align + Attract – Align Your Energy to Create a Business You Actually Love and teaches a much-loved group program about creating business alignment, also called Align + Attract.

In this call, Kerry shared:

9:27 min What does kinesiology involve?

– The main thing you’ll notice is that they use muscle testing to find out what kind of imbalances, stresses, emotions, thoughts, past experiences, etc come up for you and what you might need to come back into a state of balance
– For the client, it feels like a conversation where she asks questions, focuses on you and remains in empowering dialogue

12:30 min What does reiki involve?

13:30 min Can you intro us to Anna from your book + the journey she goes on?

– We examine being honest about what is working and not working in our business
– Then from there you (and Anna) can get clarity on what we actually want and how this can change depending on our priorities, health, energy, life stage, etc
What does success mean to me? Not what my mentors, peers etc consider success – what is true for me right now?
– Then it’s taking aligned action in alignment with what I actually want – and continuing to pay attention to what is actually working and what you want to continue to do.

19:10 mins What are some of the most common themes + blocks that you see?  

– In the early stages of business there are many common ones (e.g., not feeling good enough, fear of failure, fear of success, getting too far ahead of ourselves, perfectionism and getting too stuck in the detail, boundary challenges, overworking, myth of working hard leading to success)

23:30 mins Practical step of writing a letter to your business

29:30 mins The importance of discernment (We can use questioning to build the tool of discernment. The book covers some of these questions so we can continue to go through this filtering/clarifying process)

31:40 mins Kerry does a group alignment process on the call with members

54:00 mins How you can use this tool/strategy/alignment in your business/life goals

Links & Resources

  • She does a free reiki experience with her mailing list – can sign up for that here
  • Align & Attract course opening up soon
  • Read the book – which we’ve emailed to you 🙂
  • Few months left for 1-on-1 before she goes on maternity leave

Hayley Carr

Hayley Carr is a 9 X Karate World Champion, and Life Coach for Superfreaks: Intuitive, sensitive, high-performing, ambitious powerhouse humans who are on a mission to raise the tide affect the world. Based on a farm on the East Coast of Australia, Hayley is on a mission to support superfreaks to become powerful, authentic leaders through doing less, and being more. You can find her anywhere there is a nice view, with a cup of tea in hand.

In this call, Hayley shared:

5 mins Why she calls her clients ‘superfreaks’ and how she loves to support people to build a business that supports their nervous system and creates success in whatever way it looks for them. She helps them create success in a way that feels better than staying the same.

6 mins How she learned how to fight achieving success as a fighter – from pushing really hard, then burning out and learning how to fight all over again. “My strength and sustainability in my ability was actually based on my  is in my softness and  my ability to channel  my energy properly – which we can all do.”

7:50 mins Submitted question: Preparing for a world tournament is a big commitment, what were your daily habits to achieve your success? 

– A philosophy that whatever you need to do when you’re in need of nourishing or have burnt out – you should do more of this stuff everyday. E.g. If you need more rest or you need more healthy nourishing foods when you need to pick yourself back up then including these things everyday is a good way to operate to prevent burnout ever occurring. Do extra/more things to support yourself – more sleep, more healthy foods, more of the things that nurture and support you.

9 mins Daily habits to become a world champion came from living by this philosophy that “My energy is my greatest currency.”  GREAT sleep, over-nourished (excess vitamins and nutrients), meditation.

9:53 mins Visualising every possible scenario, visualise the whole day, seeing yourself getting through them and winning. Associating into the feeling that I’m winning and it went well. 

10:25 mins training with a focus on creating order from chaos. In a high pressure situation, “You sink to the level of your training, you don’t rise to the occasion.”

12:25 mins If you think about business, when do you come up with your best ideas?  On the loo, on a holiday, etc…when you’re not doing anything! Therefore these times are your greatest leverage! Planning those times out should be a non-negotiable part of your business plan.

13:10 mins How Hayley sets up her days and work life (after lots of experimenting!)

– Unapologetically takes off at least one month a year.

– Last week of every month off to give her time to de-stimulate, recharge or work on a creative project.

– Blocks out week by theming days – money dates, 2 x client days per week, etc throughout the week.

– constantly challenging myself to see how little I can do, to have the most impact. A very rewarding challenge!

– operating within her circadian rhythm… starting later in the day and finishing early. When she doesn’t adhere to this, she reaps the consequences but if she does stick with it, she’s still energised at the end of the week.

16:33 mins Submitted question: How did you implement your key learnings from being a high performing athlete into your business?

– Always ‘train like a black belt,’ even when you’re still a yellow belt. Work and act in your business like you would if you were already at the next level.

– Her intuition really guides her in choosing what that next level might look like for her.

18:50mins Visualise your life in 25 years time and create a vision board for this in Pinterest. It gives you so much scope to play and dream big! Hayley looks at hers most mornings. 

20 mins Just moved onto a new property to slow down, grow organic veggies, living simply, build a straw bale house eventually.

21:22mins Being a high sensation seeking HSP, having dealt with chronic fatigue, etc – how has this informed how you build your business?

– work in bursts but have time to de-stimulate (took a long time to create this way of working that supports her, without feeling lazy!)

– how she used to hide because she was so afraid to burn out. “Wake up and live, and then look after yourself!”

25:15mins how we can get in the flow of wealth consciousness, especially if we’re feeling on the verge of giving up.

– “At every moment, we’re walking a knife edge between choosing a positive thought and choosing a negative thought.”

– You can ‘lock in’ a positive state about anything. You can always bring yourself back into a positive of ‘power’ so you can do something and take action.

– No matter what’s going on, ask yourself ‘Do I want to continue this choice and this thought process? Is it making me feel expansive?’ If ‘no,’ Ask yourself ‘How do I want to feel? What would I be doing if I felt this way?’

– there’s a fine line between side-swiping your feelings and making sure you feel what you need to, and then taking some action.

32:45 mins Submitted question about social media – what are your thoughts on how social media influences your business and what are your top tips for building a referral network?

– Referral is still #1 way she gets business.

– To build a referrals based biz – do great work, be someone who is unafraid to look silly, be the type of person who is a life-long learner, be the most curious person about your clients. And then ask for referrals.

37 mins How do you use these social media tools, email newsletters etc?

– Choose what lights you up and feels super easy for you. “If it’s not fun, it won’t get done!”

40 mins Outsourcing and making sure you’re not the bottleneck in your business. How she’s found the right people to support her.

45:30 mins Hayley’s approach to coaching and how she personalises her packages.

54:50 mins Submitted question: What was it like when you started out? Did you always have bespoke programs?

– Her journey of figuring out what she liked and how she worked best.

57:30 mins Right from the start, decide to ‘train like a black belt,’ feel into how you want to price yourself and back yourself, no matter where you’re at. If you want to run retreats (or do anything!) right now and are waiting for the right time, ask yourself how you can do that now?

1hr 20 mins Pay it forward – act in service of someone.

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Staci Jordan Shelton

Staci is a performance consultant and coach, and the creator of the UNRAVELED method for getting free from the the things that keep people stuck, playing small, and sabotaging their own success.

Staci has over 25 years experience coaching, training and mentoring leaders and change agents to get amazing results. Her passion, purpose and mission is setting people free from beliefs, binaries and behaviours that hold them hostage and keep them from showing up powerfully.

In this call, Staci shared: 

  • How do I take care of myself and my emotions in this moment?
  • Why are you angry? Asking yourself
  • Be honest about what you are afraid of, what you really want, what you want things to look like
  • Grounding and and thinking about what you want things to look like and feel like allows the flow and manifestation
  • Giving your head and heart space to process is really powerful
  • It’s not the hard work that gets you ther
  • A lot of people who hustle also have a lot of support
  • My biggest successes came from aligning, and doing more of my spiritual work than the tactical work
  • How do I really want to work?
  • What’s going to create the most ease for you?
  • Safety, sacredness, Support
  • Ask yourself, what do I need to feel safe, sacred and supported?
  • When you start to feel angry, agitated, resentful, tired, ask yourself what you need to feel safe, supported and sacred today?
  • The first thing I do is check in with myself. I make a cup of coffee, greet my plants, I ease into my day. Pull some cards, journalling, what do I aspire to do based on that message, ascend planning and alchemy planning weekly,
  • What are the intentions for the week, inspired actions, what you want to create, What do I want to see happen at the end of this week, what would feel amazing
  • This is what I’m needing, this is what I’m missing,
  • Before the truth can set you free, you have to recognise what lies have been holding you hostage
  • Getting free is a process, staying free is a practice
  • All or nothing focus – there are no absolutes
  • Look for evidence that these lies are lies – look for people who are committed to the values…actions…lifestyle that you want for yourself.

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Kate James

Kate James is an author, coach and mindfulness teacher, working with clients to find a purposeful direction and build self-belief.  Her bestselling books include Believe in Yourself and Be Mindful. Kate has been facilitating mindfulness and self-compassion workshops and retreats for the past 17 years.

In this call, Kate shared:

  • Kate shares a little about herself, the work she does, her work routine and how it has shifted, and bringing nature into her work with her new home in the countryside. 
  • After being in business for 17 years, Kate looks back on the things that initially helped her business grow, and the time it took to establish.
  • Tips and mindsets on how to feel more comfortable with public speaking.
  • How Kate likes to build community and connection in her business while staying true to herself and using her strengths.
  • As someone who has published five best-selling personal development books, Kate shares the impact her books have had on her business
  • Kate helps a lot of her clients find a purposeful direction and build their self-belief. She shares how to work through imposter syndrome as a new business owner and how trying new things may feel uncomfortable, but is worthwhile.
  • How Kate uses positive psychology in her business and working with clients to find their strengths.
  • The difference between positive psychology and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.
  • Tips for how we can interweave mindfulness into the day to day process of building our businesses.

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Megan Dalla-Camina

Megan Dalla-Camina is a best selling author, women’s mentor, founder and speaker passionate about women’s empowerment, leadership and wellbeing. A multi-passionate entrepreneur, Megan is dedicated to helping women see what’s possible for their work and lives in a holistic, purposeful way.

The author of best selling books Getting Real About Having It All and Lead Like A Woman, Megan’s third book, Simple, Soulful, Sacred: A Woman’s Guide to Clarity, Comfort and Coming Home to Herself has just been released globally with Hay House. Megan writes weekly at megandallacamina.com, with collections, inspiration and empowerment on Love, Wisdom and Tools for Rising.

In this call, Megan shared:

2 mins Intro and what she’s loving in work right now. How the Gentle Business Mastermind came to be!

5:30 mins How her latest book ‘arrived’ and ended up being very different to what she intended when she first sat down to write it.

10mins Her publishing process, literary agent and the differences between publishing and self-publishing.

16 mins How she does business gently with so much going on and learnt her lessons through burn out, illness, etc.

19mins Honouring the seasons of business.

22mins How she finds time for all her different projects without overwhelm – all comes down to finding clarity on priorities so she knows exactly what to focus on, where that task/project fits in, how it contributes to the business, what money it brings in, etc,

23mins her personal practices and boundaries.

How some things might appear to take up a lot of energy for her but she’s at the ‘top of her mastery curve’ when it comes to corporate speaking gigs and holding that space so there’s more ease in that area of her work, while writing Simple, Sacred, Soulful took much more energy and time.

26mins Not shying away from the hard thing, even when doing business gently.

“The quieter we get, the more clarity we get.”

Ask for guidance, but you better be ready to receive it!

31mins Her daily practices and how she blocks out her days and weeks. Eg. Tuesdays are coaching days, etc.

34mins Ask yourself, “What are you here for?” and what’s the main thing – focus there.

35mins Marketing to organisations vs 1:1 work.

40mins Co-creating on her website with her designer.

Letting things play out rather than rushing. Take your time.

42mins Confidence! Her new focus on radical confidence for women all over the world.

47mins What socially conscious business looks like to Megan – it’s a lens that all of her work filters through.

53mins Who are we and who do we want to BE in our businesses? How our values should be the same across personal and business so we’re in integrity.

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Louise Visser

Louise Visser and Alice Jones are the brains and creative hearts behind sustainable fashion label, Sinerji.  Sinerji garments are designed by Louise on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia and made using organic natural fibres, non-toxic dyes, and fair-trade partnerships with production teams in India and Northern Thailand.

In this call, Louise shared: 

How Sinerji came about by accident.

“Being really naive can be a good thing”

How she supports herself when feeling stretched

What she outsources and how she decides what to challenge herself with and what to outsource.

How she gets stuff done that can otherwise take up a lot of headspace procrastinating on!

What gentle business means to her and how it’s mostly about respect for the people she works with and for herself.

And not shying away from using gentle strength when needed too!

How confrontation can be a really good thing!

Her conflicting thoughts on being part of the fashion industry when she’s so focussed on sustainability and not being part of an industry that creates so much waste.

How she gets her inspiration from nature and her creative process – don’t over create!

Her refreshing thoughts on social media, especially around not sharing herself personally and the books she’s reading to help her feel OK about this.


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Speaking Up & Creating Change Through Business, Art & More

by Tasneem Chopra

Tasneem Chopra

A Cross-cultural Consultant, Tasneem has recently been appointed as an ‘Anti-Racism Champion’ by the Australian Human Rights Commission. Previously, she was one of ‘50 Women you Need to Know’ in 2017’s Herald Sun International Women’s Day count, following a listing in Latte Magazine’s ‘2016 – Women to Watch’.  In previous years she has been listed in The Age Magazine’s Top 100 most influential ‘Movers and Shakers in Melbourne’ and The Australian Magazine’s Leader series, of ‘’Top Ten Thinkers’.

Through her consultancy, she speaks across the private and public sector to issues of leadership, diversity, cultural competence, and intersectional discrimination.

In this call, Tasneem shared:

  • Her work as a cross cultural consultant for schools, organisations, government and more
  • The difference between actors and observers in creating social change
  • How to begin to integrate a social awareness into your business
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion in schools and youth contexts
  • Her experience in being on television and undertaking media training
  • Her experience of delivery a TedX speech and being a sought after speaker
  • Her passion for the arts, work at galleries, and the role artists play in social change and activism
  • Her tips for those who work in the social justice and anti-racism space
  • How she attempts to balance being a freelancer, pursuing her passions and taking care of herself

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Balancing creative expression & activism

by Renata Halpin

Renata Halpin

Renata is a children’s storyteller, musician and educator. She has spend 15 years travelling around presenting her 17 different shows to hundreds of thousands of children. Her shows are on important topics that she’s passionate about, such as ‘Go Green Keep it Clean,’ and ‘The Power of Words.’ 

Renata also educates teachers on bringing creativity, storytelling, drama and music into the classroom for more engagement and learning. 

In this call, Renata shared:

  • How she balances her extroverted, passionate self at work with her introverted, quite nature at home
  • How she loves marketing and what she’s been doing on Facebook and Youtube to connect with her ideal clients
  • Her passion for animal activism 
  • Her gentle tips on dealing with difficult conversations and confrontation when passionately standing up for others
  • The joy she gets from working with children
  • Her long-term plan of transitioning out of performance and leveraging what she’s built
  • How she finds inspiration for her work and the creative ways a new show might emerge

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2018 Mentor calls

All 2018 mentor calls are included below, in alphabetical order by surname.

Identity, diversity + being an 'ally' in business

by Desiree Adaway

Desiree Adaway

Desiree is a seasoned nonprofit consultant and facilitator. All of her presentations have a mix of thought provoking content presented with humour and wit. 

When she teaches she makes a point to connect with every person, and create a safe space for their growth. She is not afraid of addressing anything that gets in the way of great work.

This was an enlightening conversation covering a diverse range of topics, including allyship, identity, gendered, ableist or culturally appropriated language and being scared to make a mistake. 


Claire Baker

Claire is an Australian women’s coach and writer based in London. 

Through her popular blog, eBooks, online courses and live workshops, claire teaches self-care, creative rekindling, how to live life aligned with your menstrual cycle and being kind to yourself and the world. 

Claire shared so much wisdom with us about working in a way that suits you, how she manages social media and business commitments and how to tap into our cycle to work in a way that flows. *Note: we had tech issues at the start of the call so skip to about 13mins in. 

Melissa Bandera

Melissa is a blog and web designer and owner of Jelly Design Studio. She is on a mission to help bloggers and small businesses perfect their online image by providing affordable, custom design and blog templates through her true passion – web design.

A supportive and practical resource to learn more about websites and design.

Amanda Callan

Amanda is half of the Church Farm General Store, which is a family business run with her musciian partner, Andrew Morris. 

Moving from Sydney in 2012, they converted an old church in northern NSW into their home, turning the half-acre block into a small scale organic vegetable farm. They started out with handmade soaps using herbs from the garde and have since grown the range to include curry pastes, sauces and pickles with over 100 stockists Australia-wide. They’ve collaborated with brands such as Country Road and Source Bulk Foods. 

A fun chat about balancing kids, study and growing a thriving business, hiring your best friends and even running an air BnB from your home.

Megan Dalla-Camina

Megan is a strategist, speaker, writer and researcher passionate about changing the conversation on women, leadership and work. She is also the Co-Founder/CEO of Lead Like a Woman, an enterprise dedicated to women’s empowerment, transforming leadership and creating positive organisational change.

Before becoming a thriving entrepreneur, she spent two decades as a senior executive in global organisations. Well known for her capacity to inspire and empower, while keeping it real, Megan is passionate about busting the rhetoric that keeps us stuck, asking new questions and getting to the heart of what creates real change. She’s also been a business coach to Naomi and Mandy!

In this call Megan shares about moving through transitions, the process of being an author (both self-published and also with Hay House), how she makes plans in her business and being an active speaker.

Fiona Ferris

Fiona is a blogger and author at How to Be Chic. 

Based on the east coast of New Zealand, Fiona has created a successful business publishing books about living a simple, beautiful and elegant life. Fiona also adores self-development and loves to cultivate her own growth in a fun and feminine way. 

Fiona shares about the benefits of self-publishing, her tips on getting motivated to write, how to finish strong and how to market your self-published books. 


Bari Tessler Linden

Bari is a Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach and Mama-preneur. Bari’s gentle, body-centred approach weaves together personal, couple and creative entrepreneurial money teachings into one complete tapestry. She is the founder of The Art of Money; a global, year long money school, which integrates Money Healing, Money Practices and Money Maps. 


Transitions + Focussing on what you need to do NOW

by Rachel MacDonald

Rachel MacDonald

Rachel is an online business coach, writer, speaker, mama, co-author of the SPIRITED eBooks and creator of BRIGHT-EYED & BLOG-HEARTED – the popular blogging and personal development program taken by over 1100 women from around the globe.

Whether online, on stage or via her digital offerings, Rachel’s mission is to guide women out of limitation and uncertainty, and into live san dbusinesses that feel potent, prosperous and purposeful. 

In this recording, Rach shares about being a new Mum and how that’s affected her business, building an online community through stories, her thoughts on blogging vs social media and focussing on what you need to in this season of your business.

Michael Maidens

Michael empowers people with a unique, systematic approach to create a thriving business to support creating an amazing lifestyle. He’s a digital launch expert and consultant who’s worked with world leaders such as Hay House and Food Matters TV.

In this recording he shares about crafting an offer in a way that feels great, seeing each launch as a learning cycle and how to get our offers out into the world in an authentic way.


Cassie Mendoza-Jones

Cassie is the bestselling author of You Are Enough and It’s All Good (Hay House), a kinesiologist, business alignment coach, naturopath, writer and speaker. She works with women, and with entrepreneurs, healers, coaches and creatives who are driven, devoted and honouring their dreams, and who want to become more powerfully aligned to their bigger vision, clear away perfectionism, procrastination and overwhelm, and create theiri own version of a beautiful and aligned business and life. 

Through her writing, bestsetlling books, online courses, workshops, meditations, private coaching and social media presence, she supports women in clearing their blocks, aligning their energy and increasing their clarity and confidence.


Tapping into your unrealised potential

by Komas Minhas

Komal Minhas

Komal is an Indo-Canadian entrepreneur, content creator and investor. She was named one of Oprah’s Supersoul 100 and is the co-founder and producer of Dream, Girl, a documentary about female entrepreneurs.

She speaks about recovery and resilience, re-defining what success looks like and legacy.

In this recording Komal shares about tapping into unrealised potential, defining what success looks like how we can use video to get our message out in the world (even if we feel nervous about it) and tips for getting investors on board.

Products, wholesaling + choosing the easy way

by David Rafter

David Rafter

Davey is the lead cultivator and founder of D+T, a hand-crafted 100% organic, vegan beard and hair care range. He’s also Mandy’s partner! 

In this recording Davey talks about keeping the business small and how simplifying things has increased profit margins, while giving him more time. He shares about ethical sourcing and being guided by your values in business.


Self-care + managing a growing team

by Thania Siauw (Little Window)

Thania Siauw

Thania is a psychologist and co-Director at the psychology practice, Little Window, which offers counselling to adults, adolescents, children and families. 

Little Window services emcompass a holistic evidence-based approach to wellness, acknowledging the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual paths of the self. 

In this chat, Thania shares about starting a partnership in business, her advice for growing and managing a team and her tips for managing our mental health while running a business. 


Lena West

Lena shows women entrepreneurs how to discover their inner CEO and leverage that knowledge to build a business that loves them back. She is also the creator of the CEO DNA Method, a personalised inventory that supports women entrepreneurs to determine their most effective business model and marketing strategy based on their work style, unique energetic blueprint, strengths and archetypes.

In this chat, Lena shared so much wisdom around learning how we can be the CEO in our business and tap into how we work best. It was such an eye-opening first call! 

You can also watch an additional video Lena created for us to answer some additional questions!