Grow your business

with the support of people who understand you.

Be accountable

and actually get stuff done.

Follow in the footsteps

of highly successful, gentle folks.

Connect with others

who are trying to do business sustainably, gently.

Do business, gently.

Is 2020 the year you ditch the hustle and find your flow?

Be productive and also feel like you have a sense of balance in your life?

Run a successful business that gives back and live gently? 

Because it is possible.  You can set yourself up with the processes to have more space in your week and build a successful business.  You can feel supported and nurtured instead of constantly feeling like you’re on the brink of burn out.

We know, because we’ve been doing it for years. 

We each do it in our own way and we can’t wait to hold a space for you to explore how you can do business gently too.

Join us!

The Gentle Business Mastermind

is a 12-month experience beginning in March 2020, designed to support you to grow your businesses gently, sustainably and consciously.  As a community of like-minded business folk, together we’ll look at our businesses through a different lens, guided by carefully curated monthly themes such as Business Foundations, Offerings, Gentle Money, Conscious Business and more.

If you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, soulpreneur (and any other variation of this!), a maker of beautiful things, a creative, a coach, a teacher, a writer, a business person who likes to do things a little differently and is ready for 2020 to be the most successful AND gentle, THIS IS FOR YOU.  We offer this as a ‘per business’ mastermind so if you’d like your staff or a couple of your colleagues to join you as well, we’d love to have you!


Your business is doing it’s thing.  It’s going OK.  It might be early stages but you know this is what you’re meant to be doing.  It feels good.  But then there are also times when it all feels too much.  The constant pushing and striving.  The roller coaster of emotions.  Surely there’s a better way?  After all, you didn’t take a leap of faith, put in all this work and build something yourself to end up feeling like you don’t have any spare time and your to-do list may strangle you at any moment.

Let us help you with that.  

Between the 3 of us, we have built 6-figure businesses, landed a publishing deal, won all sorts of awards, tried every software known to man (not sure which accounting software or email system to use – let us share our experiences with you), have launched sold-out online programs, ran retreats and workshops, spoken to audiences big and small, been on TV and in magazines, launched podcasts, tried things and failed and tried again.  Use us.

Above all, we value integrity, service and creativity in our businesses.  We play the long game.  And we want to support you to feel grounded in your business.  

This is not another course.  You’ve done them.  There are no modules or training videos to watch.  This is a community.  A gentle movement.  Together, we will honour exactly where you are in your business and life so that 2020 becomes your year.  We will hold a space for you to ask whatever it is you need to feel gentle in your business.


Won’t you join us?

Your Gentle Guides…

The three of us have been masterminding together for years.  We’ve helped each other get book deals, grow our businesses to 6-figures, sell-up and create a life on the sea, work from home as a mama, be creative, win awards and cheer each other on.  Mostly, we love having a cuppa, jumping on a call together and celebrating the little wins.  Like getting our inbox down to zero or getting the washing done!  Each of us believes whole-heartedly that you can do business, give back and enjoy a gentle life.

We are delighted to be opening up our space to others so we can all support each other and build gentle, sustainable, profitable businesses together.


Naomi Arnold is an award-winning life + business coach, mentor and trainer with a background in psychology, health, business and human rights.

She also co-founded the Feminist Coach Academy and Gentle Business Mastermind where she passionately trains and mentors coaches, helping professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs in building successful businesses in a gentlespiritedfeministsocially conscious, impactful and sustainable way.

Naomi has a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, a certified life coaching qualification, is currently completing a Master of Human Rights, and is certified as a B-Corporation.

She has been featured in copious print, radio and digital media sources where she has been referred to as a “local identity”, “shining light”, “megastar”, “gentle powerhouse” and “international coach of the year.”

She loves supporting her clients in bringing to life the dreams they have for themselves, their businesses, their loved ones and the world at large – and would be honoured to support you in doing the same.


Amanda Rootsey is the founder of teen personal development academy, Shine From Within®, a business coach and mentor, a published Hay House author and a gentle-living advocate.

It was the discovery of a lump, and subsequent cancer diagnosis, while living and modelling in Italy in 2009 that kick-started Amanda’s journey to living and working GENTLY.

Freedom and peace are now her driving values and she knows wholeheartedly that we can contribute to the world, make money and do it in a way that feels lovely (aka not feel completely drained at the end of the day!). And that’s her hope for you too.

Gentle living has looked differently over the years…from being Australia’s first eco-model working exclusively with eco-friendly and ethical brands, to building a vegan business with her partner David Rafter and living off the grid in a shipping container for a year.

For the past 7 years she has built a business empowering teens and training adults to build their own business and programs in their community through her award-winning global course, the Youth Mentor Training.

Amanda has a Bachelor of Business Management, life coaching and youth-related qualifications and is a business/marketing course junkie! She’s been featured on the cover of Peppermint Magazine, been mentioned as a ‘game changer’ in The Collective magazine, appeared on The Today Show and is on the Australian Board of Fashion Revolution. She is also the host of The Youth Mentor Podcast.


Nicola Newman is a professional artist and qualified painting teacher who specialises in teaching mindfulness and creative expression in her year-long creativity school, Flourish: The Art of Creative Living. Known for her down-to-earth, encouraging and authentic teaching style, she has guided creative hearts around the world through her popular programs, workshops and retreats. 

Nicola has held over 17 solo exhibitions, been commissioned by Lendlease, Mirvac and The Star, produced a series of documentaries on contemporary Australian artists.

Simple living has allowed her to cultivate her creativity. In her twenties, she bought a small acreage to grow organic food to heal her gut health, and later spent many months traveling the country in a van. Recently she and her husband Andrew sold everything, bought a sail boat and now live aboard as they cruise the east coast of Australia.

Nicola shapes her life in accordance with her heart’s desires. She finds fulfilment and income are a by-product of expressing her creativity through paintings, videos, ebooks, workshops, painting retreats and online courses. She began working for herself in 2002 and has since followed her heart to cultivate a creative, unconventional life.

As a mentor, coach and retreat host, Nicola guides clients to nurture their creativity, tune into their authentic heart’s desires, gently dissolve creative blocks, and use presence to enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

Our guest expert mentors…

You’ll also have access to our library full of interviews with some of our favourite people from around the world who will inspire and challenge you to think about business differently (consciously, creatively and gently).  


Kate James is an author, coach and mindfulness teacher, working with clients to find a purposeful direction and build self-belief.

Her bestselling books include Believe in Yourself and Be Mindful. Kate has been facilitating mindfulness and self-compassion workshops and retreats for the past 17 years.


Lena West shows women entrepreneurs how to discover their inner CEO and leverage that knowledge to build a business that loves them back.  

She is also the Creator of the CEO DNA™ Method, a personalized inventory that supports women entrepreneurs to determine their most effective business model and marketing strategy based on their unique energetic blueprint, work style, strengths and archetypes.


Renata Jayne is a children’s storyteller and musician. She has written and performs 17 different shows in primary schools and kindergartens that compliment the curriculum. Her shows reflect her passions: multicluturalism, animals, the environment and kindness.

Renata Jayne also has a Youtube channel and has produced 2 DVDs, one CD “Purple Boots” and an iBook.


Leesa Renee Hall is an author, facilitator, social historian, and creative word artist. Author of seven books, Leesa was known as a technology pioneer before turning her attention to writing about the intersection of race, spirituality, and leadership.

She helps highly sensitive introverted leaders (HSIL for short) use the art of self-inquiry to question their unconscious biases so they create truly inclusive communities, companies, and corporations.


Tasneem Chopra is a leading cross-cultural consultant with over two decades of service the local and international community.

She is a prominent activist with a passion for addressing social justice issues.


Desiree Adaway is a seasoned nonprofit consultant and facilitator.

All of her presentations have a mix of thought provoking content presented with humor and wit. When she teaches she makes a point to connect with every person, and create a safe space for their growth. She is not afraid of addressing anything that gets in the way of great work.


Kerry Rowett is a Kinesiologist based in Adelaide, Australia, who is known for helping her worldwide clientele create powerful results and transformations.

She’s the author of Align + Attract – Align Your Energy to Create a Business You Actually Love and teaches a much-loved group program about creating business alignment, also called Align + Attract.


Staci Jordan Shelton is a Performance Consultant, Breaker of Chains, Professional Encourager, and Alchemist.

She supports her clients in getting free from everything that is holding them back from freedom, joy, success and having the life they want. ​​


Hayley Carr is a 9 X Karate World Champion, and Life Coach for Superfreaks: Intuitive, sensitive, high-performing, ambitious powerhouse humans who are on a mission to raise the tide affect the world.

Based on a farm on the East Coast of Australia, Hayley is on a mission to support superfreaks to become powerful, authentic leaders through doing less, and being more. 


Louise Visser and Alice Jones are the owners of Sinerji. Sinerji is an eco-label designed on the Sunshine Coast and made using organic natural fibres, non-toxic dyes and fairtrade partnerships.

They are pioneers and leaders in the sustainable fashion space.


Komal Minhas is an Indo-Canadian entrepreneur, content creator and investor.  She was named one of Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 and is the co-founder and producer of Dream, Girl, a documentary about female entrepreneurs.

She speaks about recovery and resilience, re-defining what success looks like and legacy.


Rachel MacDonald is an online business coach, writer, speaker, co-author of the Spirited eBooks, mama and creator of Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted — a popular blogging + personal development program taken by over 1100 women from around the globe.

Whether online, on stage or via her digital offerings, Rachel’s mission is to guide women out of limitation and uncertainty, into lives and businesses that feel potent, prosperous & purposeful.


Bari Tessler Linden MA is a Financial Therapist, Mentor Coach and Mama-preneur.

Bari’s gentle, body-centred approach weaves together personal, couple, and creative entrepreneurial money teachings into one complete tapestry. She is the founder of The Art of Money: a global, year long money school, which integrates Money Healing, Money Practices and Money Maps.


Megan Dalla-Camina is a strategist, speaker, writer, and researcher on women, leadership and work.

She’s also the author of Getting Real About Having it All and co-author of Lead Like a Woman.


Melissa Bandera is a blog + web designer and the owner of Jelly Design Studio. She is on a mission to help bloggers and small businesses perfect their online image by providing affordable, custom design and blog templates through her true passion – web design.


Michael empowers people with a unique, systematic approach to create a thriving business to support creating an amazing lifestyle. He’s a digital launch expert and consultant who’s worked with world leaders such as Hay House and Food Matters TV.


Amanda Callan is half of the Church Farm General Store, which is a family business run with her musician partner, Andrew Morris.  

Moving from Sydney in 2012, they converted an old church in northern NSW into their home, turning the half-acre block into a small scale organic vegetable farm.  They started out with handmade soaps using herbs from the garden, and have since grown the range to include curry pastes, sauces and pickles with over 100 stockists Australia-wide. 


Fiona Ferris is a Blogger/Author at How To Be Chic. Based on the east coast of New Zealand, Fiona has created a successful business publishing books about living a simple, beautiful and elegant life. Fiona also adores self-development and loves to cultivate her own growth in a fun and feminine way.


Claire Baker is an Australian women’s coach and writer based in London.

Through her popular blog, eBooks, online courses and live workshops, Claire teaches self-care, creative rekindling, how to live life aligned with your menstrual cycle and being kind to yourself and the world.


Thania Siauw is a psychologist and director at the psychology practice Little Window that offers counselling to adults, adolescents, children and families.

Little Window services encompass a holistic evidence-based approach to wellness, acknowledging the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual parts of the self.


Cassie Mendoza-Jones is the bestselling author of You Are Enough and It’s All Good, and a kinesiologist, business alignment coach, naturopath, writer and speaker.


David Rafter is the lead cultivator of D+T, a hand-crafted, 100% organic, vegan beard and hair care range.

D+T, which stands for David and Trudi (his fur baby), is certified cruelty-free and supports local business. The brand has reached over 100 stockists and ventured through Asia, Europe and the Americas.  All while keeping with his ideals of creating a trusting, loyal brand and making sure he has plenty of time to play with Trudi!

What’s included…


Ask us whatever you like, celebrate the wins + share.


Interviews with amazing global mentors.


Live virtual retreats to tackle projects together.


Surprise co-working sessions + live guest mentor interviews


A safe space to connect with like-minded people.


We’ll share our favourite tools, worksheets + recommended readings.


Each week we’ll ask you to share what you’d like to work towards + keep you accountable, gently of course!


Each month we’ll support you to get a different area of your business in order.

Kamsin Kaneko

Japan [Writer, blogger + writing coach]

“In a loud and overwhelming online world the GBM community is a lakeside retreat. You’ll come away from mentor calls feeling grounded, connected and with greater insight into what steps you need to take each day and each month.

BEFORE THE MASTERMIND I was chasing after all the latest shiny objects with no clear goal of where I wanted to go or how to get there.

NOW I have clarity and focus on what I want to create and the steps I need to take to get there. I have also developed gentle self care practices and the self-belief to carry me through thanks to GBM’s kind, gentle support for me as a whole person, not just a business creator.”

Aoife Collins

Ireland [Coach, trainer and researcher]

“Thank you for setting up and running such a wonderfully supportive community of like-minded people who are all trying to do life and business a bit more gently in whatever way that looks like to them.

The learning and inspiration I have got from the mastermind, along with the support and sense of community have been helpful, encouraging and nourishing and have helped to give me more confidence in my own voice and business and my own unique way of doing things.

I look forward to taking part again in 2019, thank you!”

Cameron Airen

USA [Feminist Mindset Coach, Gender Consultant, Writer + Podcaster] 

BEFORE THE GENTLE BUSINESS MASTERMIND I was confused on what actions to take, and didn’t have a community of entrepreneurs I could check in with regularly. I couldn’t afford to hire a business coach for 1:1 sessions.

NOW I’ve built the foundations of my business that will allow me to flourish. I created my first online course and program, four freebies, and I started writing my book. I’ve gained a lot more confidence and more of a following/audience/ideal clients and made new, magnificent connections and friendships.”

Ellen Ronalds Keene

Australia [Founder, Selfcare for Teachers + Perk Digital]

It’s really cemented my belief in just listening to what I want to do and what works for me. When I left my teaching career to start an online business I had this plan… and it didn’t go to plan! But I fell into the digital production space which has evolved over the year into something bigger than me – that’s come from learning to trust myself and allow myself to do business the way I want.

And you know what, it’s been really wonderful being in a group where we don’t have to know the answers. We can show up for each other, share what we’re thinking, wrestle with ideas and not have to provide advice or know everything. It’s been so beautiful to see so many others doing business gently – watching and learning from each other.

The Gentle Business Mastermind is right for you if:

  • you already have a business or very clear business idea that you are actioning in 2020
  • you are ready for support and are open to learning new things
  • you want to feel part of a community of like-minded business people
  • you crave feeling more balance in your business and life
  • even if you can’t see how it’s possible for you yet, you are open to the possibility that doing business gently is possible
  • giving back and doing business ethically is important to you

The Gentle Business Mastermind is not right for you if:

  • you don’t have a business or work in any capacity
  • you already feel like you know everything there is to know about business and have the perfect work-life balance
  • you are not willing to take responsibility for your own business and actions 
  • you just want one-on-one coaching – you’ll need to invest much more money in a dedicated business coach for this
  • you just want to make lots of money really quick and don’t care how.  Ethics?  Pffftttt!  #showmethemoney 


How will this help you?


We’ll be supporting you to explore these areas of your business + life:

  •  foundations and your CEO mindset
  •  self-care and finding flow in your work
  •  client attraction
  •  websites, branding and systems
  •  building communities
  •  socially conscious business
  •  financial health

+ more!

3 AMAZING business and creativity coaches who will be with you for 12 incredible months + a brain trust of amazing mastermind buddies, and a suite of interviews with our expert mentors, who come from all over the world, have been in business a long time, do things a little differently than most and are GREAT at it!  As you’ll see above, we’ve got a soap maker, a film producer, a launch guru, a money expert, a not-for-profit consultant, psychologists, an author, a coach, a painter, a teacher, a beardman, a blogger and more. 

You’ll get to chat with us and fellow members regularly.  You will not find another mastermind experience like this.  And all for just $90 a month!!  If you want to take back control of how you work in your business, and want support to explore how gentle business looks for you, now might be the time!!!


Watch full interviews with past members…

Get a sense of what some of our past members got out of the mastermind last year, what they’re like and where they were at when they decided to join.

“I found the facebook group and its members to be really supportive. I found all content and featured mentors truly supportive. I loved that I could, in my own time, take what I needed from all of the recordings. Being a part of this mastermind has helped me to look at life and business differently. I’ve learnt skills and systems to increase my time and work more efficiently. I’ve learnt how to value myself and my self care. Thank you so much for your support throughout the year Mandy, Naomi and Nic.”

Noelle Fritsch, 2019 Member

What are you waiting for?! #gentlenudge

Bookings close in:










Each month, we’ll dive into a different theme, designed to lead you down a path of self-enquiry so that you can look at every aspect of your business.  We’ll email you with specific questions related to that month’s theme so that you can assess your business holistically and consciously, provide suggested resources and encourage you to make positive changes.


We’ve created this in a way that feels supportive so that you can get what you need out of it.  The most important part of this mastermind is the space to ask, share and experience what you need in order to find that sweet, gentle spot.  You can’t get ‘behind’ in this as there is no content, it’s purely a community.


Yes.  There will be multiple opportunities to ask whatever you need.  We encourage you to ask questions on the monthly community calls and in the private FB group.


Yes.  You’ll have access to the complete library of mentor calls to support you in a vast array of areas in your business. 


We’ll record each call so you can listen in later.


This has been designed for people with businesses or a very clear path to create one this year.  We won’t be providing step-by-step guidance on how to start a business.  It’s ideally for businesses aged 0 – 3 years old, as we’ll ask you to review every aspect of your business as we go along.  If you’re just starting out, we recommend looking at our B-School bonus package, which combines an online business and marketing course with the Gentle Business Mastermind.  We’ll be sharing more about this with our email list as it becomes available.


No.  We’ve invited mentors from a range of industries so that you feel comfortable no matter where you sit.  Whether you run an online business or a product-based business, you’ll find support here.  You might be a coach, a creative, a therapist, an accountant, a creator of the yummiest vegan doughnuts…it doesn’t matter.  The themes will guide you through a process of enquiry into your own business.


Everything already included in the mastermind PLUS:

2 x private calls with us – just you and the three of us on one call and then just you and one of us on another.  You’ll also get a website audit, where we’ll have a look at your website, provide feedback and suggestions for improvement in a report for you.  This option is perfect if you want our undivided attention!  This is only open to 10 people.


The mastermind runs for 12 months, commencing in March 2020 and ending in late February 2021.


The monthly community calls are held on Thursdays. We run two calls on these days to cater for different timezones – one at 10am and the other 6pm AEST (Brisbane time). You’ll receive access to a final schedule for the year which will include links for all calls when we get started so you can plan out your year but for now you can see what it looks like so far here. As mentioned already, we’ll also record each call so you can listen to them later. 


Yes.  If you decide you would not like to complete the Gentle Business Mastermind program, we will provide you with a refund (less a $90 +GST admin fee) provided you request this within the first 30 days of the Mastermind commencing and have provided all completed worksheets and proof of commitment to the program. Please note, this is a 12 month commitment and not a subscription you can cancel anytime. If you select the 12 month payment plan, you are committing to pay the entire balance and will not be eligible for a refund or cancellation after 30 days.


The private community sits in a private Facebook group.  We highly recommend that you set yourself up with an account, so you can participate in the conversation.  However, it’s not compulsory – even without Facebook you’ll get access to our recommended resources, regular emails from us and access to all of the live calls.

We considered hosting the community on another platform but our experience of this with other courses is that it becomes just one more thing you need to log into and, when most people are on Facebook in some capacity anyway (particularly in business), we may as well make it feel like a wonderful, gentle space!


Yes.  This is a ‘per business’ booking so if you have a staff member or two that you’d like to do the mastermind as well, please know they are welcome to do it with you.


No, this mastermind is open to all gender identities.


We have tried to make the mastermind as affordable as possible and offer a monthly payment plan to hopefully help make it more accessible.  However, if you feel you cannot afford the program but would love to be a member, please complete this Pay What You Can application form.  We would love to hear from you and hopefully work something out together, as we’d hate for money to get in the way of us doing business gently in 2020.



The mastermind isn’t exclusive to online businesses and we’d love to work with folk with all types of businesses. This is why we deliberately chose some mentors who have ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses (even if they do also have websites) and do local work – like our psychologists at Little Window and Amanda Callan who runs a small organic farm and general store. Our mentor Lena West who does coaching (much of which is online) doesn’t even have a website and gets all her clients through word-of-mouth. We also have some members who’ve joined us who have locally run businesses too.


We will no doubt talk a lot about websites, online businesses, social media, online marketing etc – but we hope this will be useful to those who primarily work locally too, since it’s generally become such an important part of marketing these days.


Plus since the mastermind isn’t a content-delivery type program and is based around the community, it will be heavily driven by the members and the questions they ask on calls and in the group, and how they want to be held accountable to the business, self-care etc tasks that they set.



Great!  Feel free to email with any questions that you have.  We may take up to 48hrs to get back to you because, gentle!  We can’t wait to hear from you.