In this first video, Amanda shares:

  • How a cancer diagnosis prompted a move to gentle living and working
  • How she grew her business sustainably to be a 6-figure business
  • Her tips for starting to explore how you can ditch the hustle and find flow in your own business. 


Take gentle action:

  1.  Consider when you do feel gentle and when you don’t feel gentle in your business.
  2. Think about what your life would look like if you ditched the ‘hustle’ and found your flow…
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In this second video, Nicola shares:

  • How she uses gentleness to tap into her creativity, so she can make a living doing what she loves.
  • How she manages her time in a gentle way (quite contrary to most time management tips you’ll hear).
  • Her tips for using playfulness to beat procrastination so you can get things done with more joy.
  • How she lives on a boat while running her online business as a creative mentor, business coach and award-winning artist.



Take gentle action:


  1. Consider how it would feel to incorporate more rest and playfulness into your work life.
  2. Notice if you’re putting off doing something you want to do in your business because it feels scary, and brainstorm how you can give yourself a sense of safety to move forward gently.
  3. Share below and/or on social media!  You’ll find us on Instagram – @amandarootsey @nicolanewman_ @naomilarnold



In this third video, Naomi shares:

  • How to balance your more ambitious, go-getter side with your gentle, sensitive side – and actually turn this into one of your super powers!
  • Some of the methods Naomi has used to help her create the space for doing business gently even though she is always juggling lots of balls (including motherhood, postgraduate studies + more).
  • How you can find a way to give back, be of use to others and help advance social change via your business platform – while taking care of yourself in the process.



Take gentle action:


  1. If like Naomi, you feel a tension between two sides of yourself (e.g., the go getter and the gentle soul), how can you draw upon the assets of both sides to build your business gently?
  2. How can you give back and be of use to others in your business, in a gentle sustainable way? How can you dream for others without completely undermining your dreams for self?
  3. Share below and/or on social media!  You’ll find us on Instagram – @amandarootsey @nicolanewman_ @naomilarnold



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