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5 Day #DitchTheHustle Challenge!

We’d like to invite you to #DitchTheHustle for five days in a fun-filled challenge with the three of us, Naomi Arnold, Amanda Rootsey and Nicola Newman.

Join us below and together we will focus on small steps you can take right now to support your business’s growth while ditching the hustle. We’ll be embracing self-care, strategy and support to make your business journey more profitable, purposeful, enjoyable AND sustainable.

The 5 Day #DitchTheHustle Challenge begins on Monday 24th February. It’s the perfect opportunity to cultivate gentle mindsets, clarity and direction in your business with the support and accountability of other participants around you.⁣

The Free #DitchTheHustle Challenge is for You if You Want to:


+ Get clear on what a ‘successful’ business looks and feels like to you

+ Know if it’s really possible to have a successful business AND be gentle and take care of yourself too

+ Find ways to actually make time for yourself and your needs, while also seeing real progress in your business growth

+ Finally find your flow and unique way of working and showing up in your business

+ Know how you can give back within your means

+ Surround yourself with inspiration and inspirational people who are cheering you on

+ Be inspired to make shifts that feel right for you and are sustainable

+ Actually get stuff done and experience gentle productivity and momentum in your business

What’s Included in the 5 Day #DitchTheHustle Challenge?

Mandy, Nic and I will be showing up live in a pop-up Facebook group during each day of the challenge to share our tips, advice and challenge actions for you to complete. We believe so passionately in ditching the hustle and growing your business the gentle way – so are SUPER excited to be showing up each day in the challenge to support you in making this happen too.

We can’t wait to share this 5 Day Challenge with you, totally free of charge.

Oh and don’t worry if you can only pop on for some of the days – we’re all about progress, not perfection. Show up when you can, get some focussed work done, celebrate or move through resistance with like-minded folks and get a taste for what hanging in the Gentle Business Mastermind is really about!

Plus, There’s a Giveaway Prize!

We have a fab prize up for grabs for one lucky person who participates in the challenge — a free coaching session with the three of us where you can
pick our brains or get our coaching, mentorship and support regarding your business. How awesome is that!?

Ready to ditch the hustle and grow your business the gentle way?

Make sure you register below so you receive the challenge details to get prepared, as well as all the replay links.

The challenge will be commencing on Monday 24 February AEST and we know you will LOVE it!

Join us!

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