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Welcome to the final episode of Ditch The Hustle. In this episode Mandy, Nai and Nic share a little bit about the Gentle Business Mastermind and what you can expect if you’re thinking about joining them for 12 months of support in your business. The mastermind is about support for your business, to be accountable and get things done, to have people around you who have similar values and who also want to grow their business in a way that feels good and that challenges that hustle culture as well.

They explain the different types of support the mastermind involves, including the weekly accountability thread, the community coaching calls exploring monthly themes, the expert mentor calls about all sorts of topics in business, the resource library of checklists and tools and reviews, as well as scheduled virtual retreats and coworking time.

Mandy, Nai and Nic also share some of the feedback from previous participants in the Gentle Business Mastermind who explain how the experience has made an impact in their life and business.

The Gentle Business Mastermind starts on the 9th March 2020 and we would be thrilled to welcome you into this beautiful community and uniquely supportive space.

If this conversation stirred up a desire in you to explore what doing business gently might mean to you, you can get direct support, guidance and tools in the Gentle Business Mastermind. It’s an experience that support new entrepreneurs and existing business owners to grow their businesses gently, sustainably and consciously.

Along the way you’ll meet an incredible community of guest mentors and other gentle business masterminds from around the globe who you can get support from and offers support in return, while you explore growing your own business in alignment with your heart, vision, values and energy.

Thanks for being here, it’s been great sharing this adventure with you. Choose your own adventure in the business world and let’s ditch the hustle together.


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