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Every now and again on the podcast, Naomi Nic and Mandy feature one of the members from the Gentle Business Mastermind. They have so much wisdom to share themselves so we didn’t want to hide them from you.

In this episode, we’re excited to introduce you to Terri Connellan from Terri is a writer and life coach living in Sydney, Australia. Her business Quiet Writing is all about journeying deep into wholehearted stories, working through self and leadership strategies such as writing, personality type, Tarot and reading as a creative influence.

We had a great time chatting with Terri about how knowing your personality type can assist you in growing your business gently, in moving gently through transition periods and having fun on social media, on self leadership tips and so much more as well.


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  • Transitioning from a leadership role in a corporate/education space to working for self
  • Managing chronic uncertainty
  • Finding ways to work for self 
  • The tools and frameworks Terri loves to use to understand more about herself 
  • How she’s found ways to work gently as someone who’s very driven
  • How understanding more about self and your personality type can support you to embrace your strengths and expand into some of the traits that don’t come naturally to you. 
  • Getting out in nature and moving the body and how to build these practices into your life when you LOVE your work 
  • Her self-leadership practices such as morning pages, being cognisant of the seasons in her business and life, working with cycles and rhythms on a daily basis, block scheduling time (time for admin, time for focussed work, etc)
  • How Terri enjoys social media and makes it work for her business and with her personality type
  • How your personality type can be a powerful tool for transition
  • MORE!



Learn more about ditching the hustle and doing business gently…

If this conversation stirred up a desire in you to explore what doing business gently might mean to you, you can get direct support, guidance and tools in the Gentle Business Mastermind.

It’s an experience that support new entrepreneurs and existing business owners to grow their businesses gently, sustainably and consciously. Along the way you’ll meet an incredible community of guest mentors and other gentle business masterminds from around the globe who you can get support from and offers support in return, while you explore growing your own business in alignment with your heart, vision, values and energy.

Registration for the gentle business mastermind is open in Feb-March 2020. You can find out more about it at where you can also download the free ‘Grow your Business the Gentle Way’ ebook. It’s full of inspiring tips and prompts to help you do business gently in your own way. 

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Let’s keep this important conversation going and learn from one another as we do! Here’s to choosing your own adventure and ditching the hustle together.

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