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In this episode, Mandy, Nic and Nai discuss the power of community – both online and offline – for gentle-hearted folk and business owners.

Nicola shares some of her experiences in her younger years, both positive and negative around community, and the various ways living on a boat is actually much more communal than one might initially assume.

Naomi shares how she has grown into herself and now is much more intentional about the community she creates, as well as the wonderful experience of meeting people in person after getting to know them online.

Mandy shares a bit about how she can see the benefits in both the deep relationships built with a small group of supportive people (often online), as well as the more surface-level interactions that come from living in an apartment complex or in-person community.

All three discuss not only the ways finding genuine community has helped shape their success, but also the joy and comfort that can be found in connecting with others in safe, sacred spaces.


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  • What we think community is and is not
  • What we find supportive and useful about community
  • Having a place to go to talk about issues and challenges
  • Brainstorming offerings/group programs
  • Sharing resources and systems that work
  • Having a community opens your mind to the possibilities – not black and white and not mutually exclusive with making money 
  • Community helps us unpack concepts and figure out how things work for us

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