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We’ve now wrapped on Season 1 of the Ditch the Hustle Podcast. We hope you’ve loved it so far. We will release the second season in the New Year and we’re really excited about the episodes we have planned.

In the meantime, we send our love and best wishes as we approach the holiday season. We really hope that you have a nourishing break and that you’re gentle with yourself through a period of the year that we know is especially challenging for some folk.

We will be thinking of you and hoping that the end of the year, the holidays and the birth of the New Year is kind to you. If you’ve enjoyed this season, we’d love it if you could subscribe and leave us a rating and review for the Ditch the Hustle Podcast.

Thanks so much for coming on this ride with us on the Ditch The Hustle Podcast and we can’t wait to connect again in 2020.


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We Would Love To Know

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Let’s keep this important conversation going and learn from one another as we do! Here’s to choosing your own adventure and ditching the hustle together.

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