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We hope you’ve been enjoying our new podcast. Season 1 is just 6 episodes but we’ve been loving hearing your feedback about it and are already excitedly planning season 2! In episode 4 of the Ditch the Hustle Podcast, we chat with one of our founding Gentle Business Mastermind members Ellen Ronalds-Keene.

The founder of Perk Digital and Self-Care for Teachers, Ellen is an educator, coach, podcaster and entrepreneur. Ellen spent a decade as a teacher before making the shift into the online business world. As well as being an Advanced Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching, Ellen has a Bachelor of Learning Management, and a range of certificates in Digital Marketing. 

 She has followed her passions for education, online communication and health, and now splits her time between her teacher wellbeing support business Self-Care for Teachers, and supporting other online business owners to design their life, make an impact and share their knowledge with the world via her agency, Perk Digital.

Ellen’s agency, Perk Digital, edits our podcast (one of her magical talents!), and we’ve loved having Ellen as part of our year-long mastermind for the last 2 years. In this episode we had an insightful chat about overcoming health challenges and how that lead to a career change, juggling different passions and how she uses her business to support her health.


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  • Who Ellen is, what she does and the many different ‘hats’ she wears
  • What gentle business means to Ellen and how it has evolved over the years
  • How Ellen juggles more than one business and the different ‘hats’ in a gentle way
  • How Ellen has used her business to support her health
  • Why Ellen stepped away from her career in teaching and is so passionate about supporting teachers
  • How Ellen does business gently – and how that has evolved for her over the years



Learn more about ditching the hustle and doing business gently…

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We Would Love To Know

After listening to this episode, we would love to know what was your biggest ah hah moment or takeaway from listening to the episode? And as we mentioned at the end of the episode, what does a gentle business work week look like for you? Pop you’re response in the comments below – or share them on social media by tagging us @amandarootsey @naomilarnold @nicolanewman_  with the hashtag #DitchTheHustlePodcast.

Let’s keep this important conversation going and learn from one another as we do! Here’s to choosing your own adventure and ditching the hustle together.



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