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Every now and then on the podcast, we wanted to feature one of our Guest Mentors from the Gentle Business Mastermind. We have conducted a number of live interviews with a variety of experts, while mastermind members are on the line. We then store these interviews in our members portal so that members who couldn’t attend live or who have perhaps joined the mastermind in later years, can listen back to the mentors’ wisdom and experience.

This is an excerpt from one of those interviews, featuring Staci Jordan Shelton. Staci is a coach and a consultant who helps people look at the things that keep them stuck, stalling or sabotaging themselves. In this segment, Staci and one of our hosts, Naomi, discuss gaslighting and the hustle culture that exists in our society (including in business contexts).

Staci explains what gaslighting is across a number of different contexts, and why we need to stop gaslighting ourselves especially around boundaries. Naomi and Staci dive into the reasons ‘getting free is a process and staying free is a practice’ and how we can apply that in our own lives. Finally, they cover hustle culture and Staci shares how that can keep us from success in business and in life, plus some important questions to ask to help get free of that.


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  • Who Staci is and what she does, including her work around gaslighting
  • What gaslighting is and how it shows up in life and business
  • How getting free is a process and staying free is a practice
  • How hustle culture is embedded in gaslighting
  • Breaking free of hustle culture
  • Using her safe | support | sacred framework



Connect with Staci Jordan Shelton…





Learn more about ditching the hustle and doing business gently…

If this conversation stirred up a desire in you to explore what doing business gently might mean to you, you can get direct support, guidance and tools in the Gentle Business Mastermind.

It’s an experience that support new entrepreneurs and existing business owners to grow their businesses gently, sustainably and consciously. Along the way you’ll meet an incredible community of guest mentors and other gentle business masterminds from around the globe who you can get support from and offers support in return, while you explore growing your own business in alignment with your heart, vision, values and energy.

Registration for the gentle business mastermind is open in Feb-March 2020. You can find out more about it at where you can also download the free ‘Grow your Business the Gentle Way’ ebook. It’s full of inspiring tips and prompts to help you do business gently in your own way. 

We Would Love To Know

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Let’s keep this important conversation going and learn from one another as we do! Here’s to choosing your own adventure and ditching the hustle together.



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