Join our free virtual retreat!

We’d like to invite you to spend a day with us, plotting and planning on whatever project you feel needs your attention (but perhaps keeps getting pushed to the side?!).

The open retreat will be an all day event on Saturday 2 March 10am – 5pm AEST. It’s the perfect opportunity to gently tackle a project that you’ve been wanting to focus on, with the support and accountability of other participants around you.⁣


10am Welcome call

10:30am – 1pm focussed solo work on your own project

1pm Check-in call

1:30pm – 4:30pm focussed solo work

4:30pm Closing call

It may not seem like much but we couldn’t believe how productive and supportive these days together were last year. Everyone who participated (including ourselves!) got so much work done. 8 podcast episodes recorded in a day, a library of blog post content created, all the admin stuff that had been piling up, mapping out the details of a big project, the bones of a book… these retreats are powerful.

And we can’t wait to share this open one with you, totally free of charge.

Oh and don’t worry if you can only pop on for some of the day – we’re all about progress, not perfection. Show up when you can, get some focussed work done, celebrate or move through resistance with like-minded folks and get a taste for what hanging in the Gentle Business Mastermind is really about!

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