Grow your business

with the support of people who understand you.

Be accountable

and actually get stuff done.

Follow in the footsteps

of highly successful, gentle folks.

Connect with others

who are trying to do business sustainably, gently.

The Gentle Business Mastermind

is a 10-month experience beginning in March 2018, designed to support you to grow your businesses gently, sustainably and consciously.  To get INSTANT access to our free video series, available for a short time, register below!

Amanda shares:

  • How a cancer diagnosis prompted a move to gentle living and working
  • How she grew her business sustainably to be a 6-figure business
  • Her tips for starting to explore how you can ditch the hustle and find flow in your own business. 

Nicola shares:

  • How she’s enjoyed an unconventional and creative life for the past 16 years
  • Her favourite antidote to procrastination
  • How to give yourself a sense of safety in your business so that you can continue to grow and take risks

Naomi shares:

  • How to balance your more ambitious, go-getter side with your gentle, sensitive side – and actually turn this into one of your super powers!
  • Some of the methods Naomi has used to help her create the space for doing business gently even though she is always juggling lots of balls (including motherhood, postgraduate studies + more).
  • How you can find a way to give back, be of use to others and help advance social change via your business platform – while taking care of yourself in the process.